Design Online FAQ's

How do I design online?

Navigate from the menu to the "Design Online" section and choose your size. Click the "Design Flag" tab, this will take you to the technical area where you will need to select a template to start (top left).

How do I upload images?

By clicking the "Upload Graphics" tab you will be able to upload any bitmap file.

Will my image be good enough for printing at full size?

We recommend selecting "large" images from "google images" under the size tab. Most of these images will be fine for reproducing on your flag.

What if my "Design Online" artwork isn't perfectly laid out?

You should be able to get somewhere close to your final design using the software provided. We will check everything carefully before sending a proof by email for final approval.

Why can't I find my club crest in the drop down menu ?

We do not yet have this image available on our site, please email us a request to upload it.

What font should I use?

We advise using a font that suits the area you have available. If you are lacking width make sure you use a condenced style and if height is an issue try using a shallow font like Swis 721.

When using the design software nothing happens?

Not all browsers support the two core technologies we use in this HTML 5 software. The oldest supported versions are listed below:

  • Internet explorer - 9.0
  • Chrome - 4.0
  • Firefox - 3.0
  • Safari - 3.2
  • Opera - 9.0
  • iOS Safari - 3.2
  • Opera Mini - 5.0
  • Android Browser - 3.0
  • Blackberry Browser - 7.0
  • Opera Mobile - 10.0
  • Chrome for Android - 29.0
  • Firefox for Android - 24.0
  • Internet Explorer Mobile - 10.0
Anything newer than these listed above should work with no issues. We recommend using Chrome.