Your Artwork FAQ's

What do you mean by "Your Artwork"?

"Your Artwork" is a section of products with ultra low prices based on you providing print ready artwork. 

How long will my flag take to arrive?

Once the design is approved by email you will receive your flag within 5-7 days.

Is my flag fire retardant?

YES! Almost all spectator venues require your flag to be fire retardant so we make sure our product meets this demand.

Are your prices competitive?

We manufacture in house and offer a very high quality product within a short period of time so we believe our prices are as good as any. If you find a better price for the same product please let us know the company name and size of flag so we can look into it.

Does my flag come with a guarantee?

Yes, it will be fit for the use for which it is supplied for a reasonable length of time.

Does my flag come string?

No but if you visit the fixings section on the website we sell a woven polyester cord in 50cm lengths.